Since 2013 we have been dealing with construction of industrial and civilian properties, restoration and conservation of historic buildings, fitout works, excavation of construction pits and transportation of excavation materials, preparation of sites for construction works, post construction renovation, etc.

Our main aim is to ensure high quality services without a mere risk for human life. And with our profound physical and technical facilities, experienced and responsible staff of experts, regular maintenance of vehicles and equipment operated by our skilled drivers and operators we are able to stick to our aim. We always ensure timely and high quality completion of executed works.

QHSE/ HSE , Quality Control


Strict adherence to all HSE standards implement adequate HSE supervision and requirements. We operate under OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Quality Control

During the implementation of the projects, we operate under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which includes corporate rules and procedures.